What our clients say about our services?

Vacation India, a division of Classic Holidays India Pvt. Ltd. is dedicated to 100% satisfaction of our clients. We are determined to give professional services to our clients! Here you can read reviews about our services. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any query. We would be happy to organize your trip to India!

Tailor-made South India Trip

Nicholas Goslett Brighton & Hove, UK

I am a Trustee for an educational charity in Kovalam, a poor fishing village just south of Chennai. I visit each year for a week and then go off wandering. I am always reassured by Vikas being there for me at all times: giving me excellent advice whilst I plan the journey; helping me to book trains and planes and buses and the odd hotel (I travel light and usually book bed-and-breakfasts or hotels the day before); always on hand if I have a problem. This year I spent four weeks in Tamil Nadu, the high points being the incredible temple in Madurai, 12 nights in a youth hostel in Kodaikanal (with two games of golf at the excellent 120 year-old course), and six days in an Ashram…which I didn’t want to leave – you go for the yoga and stay for the friends. I can recommend whole-heartedly Vikas and Vacationindia for any help you need with your holiday in India, from planning it all for you or helping you like he does me!

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New Delhi & Agra Trip

Renate Martins, Brazil

I always wanted to come back to India and I did it ! I returned from my trip on January 27 2016. Wow, it was amazing! I love India! I want to say thank you for the spectacular tour organized for me. Everything was very good. The excursions and tours were the best! My guide Vipul in Agra was great, very polite and friendly and he knew everything single place. I really loved my guide Rajender in Delhi, I think the personnal is best, they deserve the highest grade, as well as you do. I traveled alone as single lady, I was sceptical in beginning but felt very safe throughout the tour, all the personnel were extremely polite and made me feel like home. I have been greatly impressed by the country, I took tons of pictures from my trip! Food was great! Breakfasts in hotels were wonderful, varied and plentiful, my favorites! Thanks a lot again!” 🙂

12 Days Cultural Heritage of India

Anthony Aubin, Canada


Hi, Vikas. I had a fantastic trip to India. Thank-you so much to you and the staff of Classic Holidays India. At each stop, I tried to submit the forms which were provided, but not all of the representatives collected them. In Khajuraho, I tried to give the representative all of the forms, but he only wanted the the local one.

The first guide and driver in Delhi were excellent. Unfortunately the first day the guide didn’t have the itinerary and we only did about 1/2 of the planned activities. We tried to make up for it on day 2, but we were unable to see the museum which I was really looking forward to visiting. The hotel was adequate. The food and service were good. There weren’t major issues, but the internet only worked one of the days and the pool was unavailable. The location was convenient to the airport, but I would have preferred being closer to the city.

The hotel in Udaipur was excellent – great rooms, view, and pool! The guide there was good.

The driver to Agra was excellent. The hotel in Jodhpur was really nice with great service and a nice pool. The guide there was good.

In Jaipur, the hotel was generally good. I had problems with the service one day, but the other day was fine. The food was good. The guide was very good.

Ranthambore was amazing! The tents were very nice and the food was really good. They had a nice pool as well.

The guide in Agra was fine. The hotel was very good – unfortunately the pool was unavailable. The woman in charge of customer service was excellent!

The transition to Orchha was easy. The hotel there was really nice. The guide was sincere and pleasant, but overbearing and constantly repeated himself.

The hotel in Khajuraho was superb! Although it was a little distance from town, it was within walking distance. The guide was fine and the representative was excellent.

The guide in Varanasi was somewhat similar to the gentleman in Orchha. He tried hard, but could not relax. The hotel there was quite nice.

Overall, the quality of the hotels was excellent – the service, comfort (all of the hotels were comfortable and clean), and food. It isn’t a major concern, and I understand that it isn’t easy, but it is unfortunate the internet connectivity wasn’t better. The drivers were all really good – safe and reliable. I almost never take guides and this was the biggest difficulty for me. I prefer to go at my own pace and see the things that I want to see. My personal preference is to be uninterrupted in viewing historical sites although the information while walking through the cities was more interesting. Although several of the guides were good, it would be interesting to have trips with a car & driver & maybe the representatives. I may be in the minority in this opinion.

The sites were virtually all amazing and the majority of them were not overly crowded! India is a fascinating place. I hope that this helps. Please let me know if there is any other information you would like to know about my trip.

Thanks again for all of your assistance and accommodating me with the visa and banking issues I experienced.

I will recommend you to anyone I know travelling to India in the future and will use your company when I am able to return.

All the best, Anthony Aubin, Canada

14 Days Rajasthan Culutral Tour

Lynn, Nancy Russo, David and David Chiu, USA


Our 14-days spent in India is one of such trip you never wish came to an end. It was an eye-opener, amazing and informative in every way. This trip is one of those unique experiences you would love to have over and over again. The organization was very perfect. The hotels were accommodating to stay in and the tour and guides showed us interesting places in India. One of the significant events in India is the Holi color festivity.

We recommend to you a cooking course. You‘ll get the impressions of the hot kitchen in India. That came in handy when we ordered our meal later on in the hotels and restaurant.

Mumbai gave us a whole different experience. We learned about the Sari and Turban worn by the people of Rajasthan. Mumbai happens to be the most populated and the most modern of the cities in India.

We send a lot of greetings to all the associates who made our travel perfect, and we are very grateful for everything. We will recommend you and your company any day, any time as a name to reckon with in India.

13 Days Rajasthan Culutral Tour

Ziendalki Waldemar, Poland


Dear Vikas, how are you?

Thanks for your work helping us organize this trip. It was a fantastic trip that you’ve put together for us and it was really throughout perfectly organized, down to the last detail. I would like to thank you for everything, sincerely.

It has been a great help travelling with your agency. Coming and picking up at the airport, accompanying us on excursions, helping us to choose meals and giving us support if there is a problem like it was in our case … We highly recommend it.

Shipra in Delhi was the guide we liked the most because she was a very close person with whom we adapted very well. We feel very comfortable with her and it was very easy to adapt. She used to leave us free space so we could spend more time at our favourite sites.

Your choice of hotels suits our taste and the hotels in Jaipur (Samode Haveli) and Varanasi (Surya Uday Havei, right on the Ganges) caught our attention with their beauty and incredible services. The hotels stood out and unique among the experiences we had in India. We will never forget this.

Thanks for the great trip!

13 Days Rajasthan Cultural Tour

Arnaud and Anna, Belgium


Before the trip just got under way, we didn’t know what to expect and we were skeptic concerning our choice of destination as it was a random selection. We never regretted our intention to travel to India for the detailed and thorough services we got from Vikas. India is no longer a less known destination. We also got great information through the Classic Holiday website—vacationindia.com—which was crucial to defining our interest for the travel. Immediately after the trip, we began to see India and its people in a much different way. The individual travels afforded us the opportunity to learn about the culture and their way of life. We did enjoy ourselves; the guides provided us valuable information on history and culture of India that was very interesting.

Looking at this trip from a positive aspect, we have come to a conclusion that it was money well-spent.

I will not fail to commend the five guides for doing excellently well; they demonstrated true professionalism, politeness, and great communication skills. Safety was never taken for granted as the well-trained driver conducted himself in the most appropriate way and we felt safe all through the trip.

People’s experiences are quite different, and their level of closeness differs too. But when you see a great service anywhere, you won’t hesitate to acknowledge. The fun was too much for expression in words and our fantasy played out live.

Our heartfelt gratitude to all participants!

15 Days Tailor-made tour of North and South India

Tian Andrew and group, Singapore

Dear Mr.Vikas, we had a hitch-free travel experience, full of positive impressions. As a matter of fact, we recommend this trip to everyone strongly, and we will never forget the organizers for a real professional job. Vacation India is highly recommended from us.

We spent 2-days in New Delhi and Agra. We later move from Delhi to Chennai. Going to our plan, we intended making a roundtrip all through Mahabalipuram, Pondicherry, Tanjore and Trichy, Chettinad, Thekkady, Madurai, Munnar, Backwaters using a houseboat. Also, Mararikulam Beach to Kochi, and from there we had a return flight to Singapore.

As the journey progressed, we experienced India and its rich culture in an excitingly different way. We enriched our travel experience by learning about the people of India from their birth times to death days. It did not end there; the trip was made more fun-filled with houseboat experience and night in Backwaters. Also, we visited tea plantations in the mountains, botanical garden and so much more.

The rainy weather in Thekkady (Periyar Tiger Reserve) made us have a change of plan—we canceled our trip on a bamboo raft. Though the journey was worth it in every regard; we enjoyed our trekking tour in the Reserve. But we ran out of luck as we couldn’t set our eyes on the flying squirrel due to the heavy downpour. Some of the places of interest that made our trip worthwhile are the Taj Mahal, National Museum, the Rail Museum in New Delhi and the Mosque in Old Delhi.

We can’t simply exhaust all here, but we are convinced that our fond memories will always be with us all along.

9 Days Golden Triangle Tour with Goa

Mike Simoff, USA


If you must know that was our first trip to India and we deemed it fit to leave all the organization to “Vacation India” because we trust their judgment. To our surprise, the planning was 100% realized and everything was just as planned. Though we had a little time on our 14-day trip to experience India in its entirety, we are quite happy with the impression we had of the country. But at long last, we are now able to review everything we are not familiar with about the country.”

“We want a different kind of places for our next trip, but it will still have to be with “Vacation India” I would love to say at this juncture to those planning a visit to India that you should not limit your travel experience to Taj Mahal and Amber Fort, others experiences like touring with Riksha, navigating Old Delhi and also sunset Goa.

“Traffic issues are everywhere not just the US; ten minutes drive on any intersection in India comes with a chaotic scene of a traffic jam.”

8 Days Golden Triangle Tour India

Luisa Sartorio

Vacation India offered us an experienced of a lifetime, perfect for annual vacation. Right from the word get-go, the staff truly devoted themselves to serving us well. We can’t say we had any complaint because from the guides to the driver, their services were just amazing. Every organization was in the most appropriate manner and left us with high satisfaction. The associates of Vacation India did their jobs the way they should and communication was perfect.

We want to make it a point of duty to commend Vacation India and its staff for a job well done, and I sincerely promise we will book our next travel with them.

14 Days Rajasthan Cultural Tour with Tiger National Parks

Ivanna and the Photographer’s group


Nemaste Vikas, we cannot thank you enough for presenting us with this wonderful opportunity to have a great trip with the group and for the extra days to experience India with you.

We were particularly thrilled by the special time we spent with the primary school children on our way to Jaipur and also the beautiful and very romantic hotel in Rantambore Nahagarh Fort. Words cannot describe how grateful we are for being with us and your friendly services.

All the guides did an excellence job by rendering top-notch services and spoke perfect English. Our guide, Anand from Agra, is a great personality and we highly recommend him.

We got to our destination safe and sound—about 2-days ago–but we are already longing to go back to India. We loved the people of India and the Indian sun. We are looking forward to meeting you in the shortest possible time. And don’t forget to send our warm regards to your retinue of staffs and your beautiful mother for her excellent cooking.

I will not fail to say the trip was fantastic all through and well organized from start to finish. Thanks for all your effort. We truly appreciate

Thanks again for the great trip!

15 Days Rajasthan Cultural Tour with Nepal Extension

Katarzyna and Family, Poland


Incredible India! We spent 3 exciting and eventful weeks in India and Nepal. We started our trip in Delhi followed by Agra (Taj Mahal) and Rajasthan. We ended our Rajasthan tour in Udaipur, from where we took flight to Varanasi. Finally we flew from Varanasi direct to Kathmandu, Nepal.

The private guided trip from Vacation India has captivated us in every way and given us a different taste of an exciting and fun filled travel experience. We will not fail to thank the local guides for their help and timely service. Though their English were not particularly excellent, but they made up with their preparations for important places we wanted to visit, so I was quite satisfied– even with the hotels, except for one.

When someone treats you to a service that surpasses your expectation, you will immediately let go of other uncomfortable concerns, like road safety and so much more. The driver had a crucial role to play in all these; thanks to their experience and support, all we had to do was to focus on the guided tours of the day—learning new cultures and sightseeing around the country. Our drive Madan is an excellent driver. He drove us safely through the chaos of the Indian traffic.

This India journey will always be dear to our hearts and memorable. The journey to this incredible country was worth it and the memories we took away from our trip gives such a pleasant feeling. This trip will certainly not be our last.

My immense gratitude goes to Mr.Vikas from Vacation India for his great sense of organisation, excellent personal support on this impressive and first trip to India.

12 Days India Triangle Tour with Haridwar and Rishikesh

Dawn Hunt, Freehold, New Jersey USA

Ten years ago I started practicing yoga, and fell in love with it. Then I became a yoga instructor. After studying and teaching yoga for a while, I knew in my heart that I had to get to India some time to learn from the yogis. Not only would that help me grow, but I could bring back more knowledge and experience that I could share with my students.

I contacted vacationindia.com when I discovered they offered tours that focused on yoga and meditation studies. They helped me select the perfect trip, and customized it for the group that included me and other yoga instructors who wanted to learn new techniques from the yogis like I did. Your team of experts selected the Yoga and Meditation Holiday to Rishkesh. From the minute we got off the plane in Delhi, we knew we were in for an exciting time. It was fun to have time to explore Delhi and stand (in awe!) at the Taj Mahal. (Now I have a photo of me with the Taj behind me….I don’t have to dream of being there, I’ve BEEN there!) Then we got to see India’s countryside as we took the Express Shatabdi train in Haridwar. Off we were swept to visit the yoga and meditation centers in the world-famous Rishikesh.

Until we boarded the train back to Delhi, we had almost six days of meditation and yoga, which was held at some of the oldest Ashrams in the world! We also had a chance to visit some of the local historical sites and temples, and take a few side tours.

I not only had new techniques to share with my students when I got home, but I was renewed mentally, physically, and most important, spiritually. Thank you Vacation India!


15 Days South India Cultural Tour + Agra



Hello, Vikas. We want to use this medium to thank you for taking time out to organize a beautiful trip such as this through Agra and south India.

Vacation India has completely swept us off our feet by offering perfect services, piquing our interest every step of the way and surpassing our expectations.

With a great performance-ratio, what else do you need? The highly trained and cautious staffs were excellent in their service delivery. We know a good service when we see one because we are frequent travelers, and Vacation India did not come short in that regard.

The drivers and tour guides didn’t fail in their responsibilities either. They were very patient and accommodating even when we opted to extend our sightseeing that originally was not on the list. They demonstrated flexibility in every sense of the word and won our hearts with their courteousness.

The finest experience in hotel accommodating, coupled with the wonderfully prepared itinerary and the suggestions for the excursion was more than our request.

The walks on the Marari beach are one that I will hold dear to my heart, not to talk of the southern India cuisine in the restaurants; there we enjoyed every meal in a unique fashion.

The trip through Southern India is one that has truly redefined our experience in the quest for a travel sweet spot. We won’t forget to thank Vikas for putting up such an experience for us and also Vinod–the driver— and the guide for a job well done.

15 Days Rajasthan Cultural Tour with Goa

Jessica Champman, Joseph Creelman & Jessica O’Hanley, Canada


Occasionally in life, there are moments that cling to our memory and leave us with unutterable fulfillment, which cannot only be explained by words but by the inaudible language of the heart. One of such moments is our 20-day intense Rajasthan and Goa trip; the trip was absolutely mind-blowing, replete with fun cultural scenery and sights of unspeakable beauty–the gigantic fort, temples (Sikh temple Bangla sahib in Delhi come as highly recommended for this visit), mosques, and palaces filled with antiques right from the time of maharajas.

The entire trip was without hitches and the Indian food in the restaurants was nothing short of sizzling to sweeten our taste buds and with lots of spicy curries in it; our favorite was the palak panir—spinach and cheese–and chicken tikka.

The service we received was as exactly promised and the delivery depicted a high level of professionalism. Whether it was the rising of the sun that bestowed a special effect on the Taj Mahal, or the elephant ride to Amber Fort, the breathtaking rickshaw ride through bazaars of old Delhi, and the booked hotels, all were handy during this tour.

The sweet and bumpy-free was in a Toyota Innova though some chaotic traffic jam was in the mix; the driver was still able to drive us safely to our destination at almost 2500km.

The one-week beach vacation in Goa was great, but the impressions of Rajasthan had completely swept us off our feet and remained indelible in our minds, even as we reminisce on this memorable one-of-a-life time journeys. The treatment was awesome in every regard, including the friendliness and care, and we were on cloud 9, feeling like Maharaja and Maharani.

It is our belief that so many customers will immerse themselves in this unique touring experience and let go of all the preconceived motion—we felt like that too!

Our next trip to India–maybe South India– is in a short while and to leave your team out of it would absolutely be a crime on our part. Vacationindia.com is highly recommended. Take the plunge and experience the difference!

The Future beckons, grab it with both hands. Wish you so many successes in the near future.

15 Days Tropical Kerala Tour – God’s Own Country with Madurai detour

Mr & Mrs Brad Armel, Lafayette, Louisiana USA

I just wanted to write and say thank you so much for making my honeymoon the most exotic memories that my husband and I will share for the rest of our lives! When Brad proposed to me, I took over planning our wedding. But I wanted him to have some say in what we did for our honeymoon. I knew he had always wanted to go to India, so when he said he’d like to travel there for our honeymoon, I really didn’t want to visit ancient sites or villages. I wanted an exotic honeymoon along a gorgeous beach that would ooze romance and create once-in-a-lifetime memories!
Brad was so thrilled when he came over one night and showed me the information he found on your web site about the trip to Kerala beaches. I couldn’t believe it! I didn’t know that India had such beautiful pristine beaches and crystal clear waters! So we booked the trip.
When we arrived in Kerala, we were overwhelmed by the beach, the palm trees, and the exotic scent of the flowers that filled the air! It was like paradise, untouched and hardly any tourists there crowding the beaches. And our room at the Kovalam Beach Hotel was world-class. Not only did we have a private suite but it came with full service which we hadn’t expected.

We found plenty of “alone time”, but we also had fun with all of the sports activities that was included as part of our package! We even found time to visit some of the local markets, taste some of the tastiest meals we’ve ever eaten, and enjoy some of the beautiful countryside of India.
We came home with lots of photos….but most of all, memories that we’ll always cherish as we started our lives together as “Mr and Mrs”. Thank you so much!!!

8 Days Golden Triangle Tour


Hello Vikas, I wanted to thank you for the excellent services I enjoyed during my stay in India. It was a wonderful and excellent trip. I have no doubt that if I would return to India, I would contact with you to organize it. Visiting other places, of course. Being through Rajasthan has been a great experience. I would recommend that no one misses the light and sound show in the Red Fort of Agra. And the visit to Abhaneri Stepwell on the way to Jaipur and Bangla Sahib Sikh temple and National Museum in Delhi (they are rarely included in trips to India) are certainly something that should not be missed. Thanks for including and recommending such beautiful off the beat sites. Old Delhi was also a very positive experience, despite the city chaos. I have no doubt that the next time I visit India and want to plan a trip I will be in touch with you. But India is so big and lovely and I am sure there are so many other places to discover. As promised, I will definitely recommend your company (vacationindia.com) to my friends planning to India!

8 Days Palace on Wheel Luxury Train Journey

Tom and Regina Maher, Columbus, Ohio USA

I can’t thank Vacation India enough. My gosh, when my husband found your trip on the Palace on Wheels, we knew we had to “jump on board”.

We LOVE traveling by train, so to actually get to see India while riding on the Palace on Wheels for eight days…well that was just magnificent. We’ve been in train stations around the world, but Safdarjung Railway Station in New Delhi was just filled with scents, sounds and colors that you wouldn’t see in New York City. It felt like a fantasy! And then we boarded the Palace on Wheels that rivaled many trains we’ve had the pleasure of traveling on.
How many places around the world can you ride a comfortable train….see the countryside…and along the way visit ancient forts, palaces and the magnificent Taj Mahal?! Not too many places! Now that we’ve seen some of North India’s places, we want to go back. I think we’ll still make sure we ride a train somewhere along the trip, but we’ve discovered a world of friendly, lovely people who I know welcome us back with open arms.

Thank you sooooo much Vacation India! Can’t wait to call you next year to plan our next adventure in your beautiful, beautiful country.

Thank you!

20 Days Treasures of South India + 1 Week Beach Vacation in Goa

Joseph Lauinger, Brisbane, Australia


We booked a 30 day trip of southern India with Vacation India through the internet. The director Vikas Agarwal was very helpful. We booked a car, driver and escort, which was Mr Argawal. When we arrived at Chennai Airport he and driver were waiting for us.The trip was very well planned and organised. We booked an econmic trip with 3* hotels which were very good, once we had a bridal suite. It was quite hot, but with airconditioned car and hotelrooms it was OK. There was always plenty of drinkingwater in the car. We went down the eastcoast to the tip,then the highlands to Munar, tea growing, Ooty(coffee), Bandipur national park, unfortunatly we didn’t see a tiger, you got to be lucky.We visited several heritage listed temples and finished in Goa, which is a popular tourist destination. The tour was very good and interesting and would recomend it to anyone. I am 76 and the wife 78 and the tour wasn’t strenious. We congratulate Mr Aggarwal for the success.

8 Days Golden Triangle Trip of India with Leh and Ladakh

Xavi Rabell and Family

The trip to Golden Triangle India and Leh in the Himalayas was perfect and enjoyable. It will always be among my fun memories. For our hotel options, we went for the more expensive one just to give ourselves a riveting experience, and it was more than we asked for—the hotel was unique and truly worth every penny. One of the most iconic views was on the roof of the Oberoi Amarvilas where we had dinner and saw Taj Mahal in full glare; it was an experience to behold.

We have had several travel experiences, but this was unique and the best among them all. Vacation India has given us a different taste of real travel experience and we won’t hesitate to recommend it to other folks.

17 Days Rajasthan combines with Taj Mahal, Tiger, Khajuraho and Varanasi

Luna Matos, Brazil


Hello, Vikas! It is our pleasure to thank you immensely for taking the time and pain to plan this tour to Rajasthan, Agra, Khajuraho and Varanasi.

The hotels were top-class and most of them centrally located, and the experience of driver came into play as he drove us through the often traffic-ridden streets of India. The guides were very cautious and display professionalism to the fullest.

The No shopping policy particularly caught our attention and we really loved it.

The Taj Mahal, forts and palaces, camel and elephant rides, boat ride in Ganges, old Delhi chaos, and the ever smiling faces of the people, and not forgetting the wildlife in the Tiger Reserves, all this put together have surpassed our expectation. The friendliness portrayed by the people was phenomenal and seen everywhere.

You have demonstrated that a lot can be achieved in one day with your well-organized and detailed tour. The Holi festival in the quaint town of Mandawa blew us away and was one of the highlights of our journey, including the last day of rest in Udaipur in the magnificent hotel overlooking the lake – Hotel Karohi Haveli, which could probably be an insider tip.

8 Days Golden Triangle Tour India

The Barnett Family, Chicago, Illinois USA

Thank you Vacation India for your fabulous service, and help in arranging a memorable trip to India for my family. I wanted to take my kids someplace different where they could learn some history, see a different part of the world, and have fun too. We didn’t have a long time for a trip, so your representative recommended the Golden Triangle Tour because it would be 7 days long, and let us see some of India’s ancient monuments and colonial and modern cultural sites.

What made our arrival so fun was we were not only greeted at the airport, but we had a welcome party too! How fun for our kids that had never traveled overseas before. Then off to our hotel and our first stop was Delhi. We were amazed at the beautiful ancient and modern architectures. We didn’t realize we would see so many people even though the city is large. The next day we enjoyed a drive through the countryside to Agra. When we saw the Taj Mahal it was better than looking at the picture in a magazine. We had time the next day to visit more of Agra’s ancient sites before driving to Jaipur. If you didn’t know about Jaipur, be ready for a sea of pink (buildings). Wow! In every city, our hotels were comfortable and anything we asked for or about, someone was always happy to help us.

We had a fun time. It was relaxing. And we always felt safe and welcomed. The people are so friendly, and since we have a Texas accent, we got a lot of questions about cowboys and horses! We couldn’t have arranged or planned such a fun and memorable trip on our own. We’ll use Vacation India again for our next family trip.

14 Days North India Sojourn with Taj and Oberoi Hotels

Kasia Kwarska, Poland


Dear Vikas, we are back home and want to commend you for going the extra mile to make us have a riveting experience.

Initially, the satisfaction and amazement concerning the organization were second to none. The hotels, the guides in New Delhi and Agra, Gulab, Ram, all were more than we requested for and excellent all the way.

Arun (our guide in Jaipur) was particularly cautious and took great care of us. The Amber Fort, Palace of winds, and Observatory were magnificent. The lunch in the Royal-Restaurant was quite disappointing on the second day; the taste of the food and the restaurant were less than our expectation.

Arvind accompanied us all through our journey in Udaipur; he was quite professional as he delivered to us a top-notch service in a unique manner. He was friendly as he takes our request.

We visited the City Palace and had a boat ride on Pichola Lake and it was fun all through. The last dinner occurred in Leela Udaipur just by the view of the City Palace and also the Taj Lake Palace hotel.

I won’t hesitate to admit that the entire trip was a huge success; we will not forget this trip in a hurry as you’ve made it completely heart-warming with beautiful memories. Our salute is coming from the cold Warsaw with great gratitude.

Tailor-made tour of North and East India

Nick Goslett, United Kingdom


In 2014 I was working in Delhi and an Indian colleague fixed me up with a day at the Taj Mahal, organised by Vacation India. It all went smoothly from being met at the train station, taken round the Taj Mahal, the Mini Taj and the Red Fort, entertained to tea with Vikas followed by a stroll round the back streets of Agra.

I like to wander round different parts of India on my own each year but advice from Vacation India on where to go and how to get there is always sought and is invaluable. I include a photo of me with some local boys in a temple in wonderful Hampi in Karnataka, my favourite place in India so far! It is never too much trouble for Vacation India to book many of my long distance train and metrobus journeys, and plane trips. In January this year (2015) I took their six day Tribal Tour in Orissa, visiting villages and many local markets. Prakash, the excellent driver who spoke very good English, could explain to me all the strange (sometimes very strange!) customs of the various tribes, and obtained the various authorisations needed to get into the tribal areas. It was all impeccably planned and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

This year I am off to Tamil Nadu and once again Vacation India has been helping me to arrange the trip, including advice on where, and where not, to go, a game of golf at Ooty, and a bird trek near the Indira Gandhi National Park.
I can thoroughly recommend Vacation India. They are always there for me.

10 Days Taj Mahal, Tiger, Temples, Birds, Murals, Forts & Palaces and Rural Rajasthan

Jean Bickett, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA

I told my husband a long time ago that I wanted to visit India sometime in my life. And he remembered that so when I turned 50 he surprised me with a trip to India. He picked out the Golden Triangle with Tigers tour because I am a big animal lover and he wanted me to not only enjoy the Indian countryside and sites, but knew I’d enjoy seeing some of its native wildlife.

I had never heard of the Golden Triangle, but it sure lived up to its name. We arrived in Delhi (our hotel was superb! Lushly furnished and it had full room service.) and settled in for a great dinner of local cuisine. The next day we had a chance to tour Delhi and visit some of the world’s most famous sites! The next day we went to Agra where we visited the Taj Mahal. People were happy to explain the history of the site. No wonder it’s one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

The most exciting part of our trip though was arriving at Ranthambore. That’s where the Indian tigers live at the Wildlife National Park. We had a chance to travel through the jungle with a naturalist who helped us find the tigers hidden in the jungle. What gorgeous animals they are! We probably shot off over 100 photographs to take home and share with family and friends.

It was nice to visit Jaipur – the “Pink City” – and stay overnight in our comfortable hotel. We had the chance to tour Jaipur before heading back to Delhi. Everyone we met along our journey was so helpful, and friendly. I left home with a new look at India and the people who live there. Thank you for helping us arrange a very fun trip! We felt safe and welcomed the entire time thanks to our driver, tour director and everyone we met at hotels and sites we visited.

10 Days Rajasthan Trip with Pushkar Camel Fair

Maria Patricia Gallimore and Laura Castro, USA


My sister and I recently came back from our 2 week holiday in India. Thanks to Vacation India (Classic Holidays India) we had a fantastic time. From our first communication until we were dropped off at the airport everything was perfect. We flew from Atlanta to Delhi via Amsterdam and visited Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Pushkar, Jodhpur (our favorite) and Jaisalmer. Our driver, Jai, was with us through out the whole trip. He was fantastic. We had very knowledgeable local guides in every place we visited. Mr. Vikas, the manager at Vacation India was available over the phone 24/7 during our trip. The restaurants and hotels that Vacation India picked for us were great. We absolutely loved India, most of the beauty of the country relies on its wonderful people. Regardless of their religion, cast or origin; everyone was incredibly nice and welcoming. Not even for a second we felt unsafe. We can’t wait to go back and we will again choose the outstanding services of Vacation India.