Certifications and Accreditation

Vacation India is committed to offering comprehensive and innovative solutions to satisfy our clients’ needs, seeking to surpass their expectations within the framework of equity, quality, and sustainable development. Hence, being a member of highly reputable associations is only a demonstration of our commitment to achieving our set goals and satisfying our guests in a professional manner.

We are proud of our giant strides amid the stiff competition in the India tourism industry, leading the pack in product development, service, and quality. So if what you seek is a riveting experience, with a touch of class and professionalism in your India tour, then you are at the right place.


American Society of Travel Agents is a highly reputable and the largest association of travel professionals, offering true professionalism, financial insurance, and 100% satisfaction to our American guests. ASTA helps to create an effective platform for travel professionals through explicit representation, improved service delivery, and sharing of the much-needed knowledge among members. VacationIndia.com (Classic Holidays India) is a member with the number 900197410.


We are actively involved in the Indian tourism industry and as such, we belong to the India Association of Tour Operators (IATO) which is duly recognized by the Government of India’s Tourism Department. With IATO being the largest National Body of tour operators in India, you are sure they command a huge presence in this industry—and since 1982 when it was established. Over the years, IATO has gained international acceptance and affiliations. Being a member of IATO signifies great responsibility regarding work ethics, trust, equity, a high state of professionalism and transparency in service. Our IATO membership number is ALD160531.


This is a collective initiative carried out by a group of travel professionals, operators, and communities, with the sole aim of saving tigers and their forests, and the need to clamor for and support the use of the wilderness in a more responsible way across India and its subcontinent. It is a great pleasure to let you know that we are part of this great platform.


We are proud to be a member of DRV (Deutsche Reiseverband), which is Germany’s largest travel industry association and also ranks amongst the most famous in the world—third in the world. If you are not aware, the Germans are known for their traveling activities, spending most trips abroad, learning new cultures and going for sight scenes. When it comes to tourism in German, you will first mention DRV because they lead the pack in this part of the world.

What makes Vacation India your most preferred choice

  • Over the past 8-years, we have been an active player in the Indian tourism industry. With our service offering surpassing foreign tourists’ expectations, you couldn’t ask for anything more enjoyable for your Indian tour.
  • It is in our character to tailor itineraries to suit our clients’ needs with all measure of flexibility to accommodate any change forthwith—either before or after the initial arrangement. This is done to give you the best of experiences and also the maximization of your time.
  • Before offering our tourists the bumper travel package, we have toured around these incredible destinations in India and Nepal and we can say authoritatively that you are in for an experience of a lifetime.
  • We have taken our time to hand-craft our itineraries and include visits to monuments, a guided walk through local bazaars, and cultural exchange program. This also entails a visit to a local India family, with a family dinner in the mix. The enjoyable rickshaw rides–even elephant and camel rides inclusive– and is it of particular sunset points are also part of this tour.
  • Our visitors are important to us; hence we deem it fit to provide them with best of services. Our itineraries are written in such a way to allow for selection of tours that appeals to our visitors in a unique way.
  • Our website is more like a resource center where foreign tourists and locals alike can get abundance of information, tips, and suggestions and also from our travel advisors. Our tailor-made and flexible system has endeared us to many and clients’ wishes are fulfilled just as they want it. Hotels selections are entirely suited to your preferences.
  • We incorporate hotels into your selection, embracing our flexible arrangements, and much to the admiration of our clients. This act of professionalism has engendered an approach that includes a mix of hotels from our clients’ perspective. A classic example is when a client wanted a budget travel that includes budget hotels for his trip to India– with an experience of two exclusive India hotels—we recommended Hotel Oberoi Amarvilas in Agra, with every room offering a clear and perfect view of the iconic Taj Mahal. And secondly, on our recommendation list was Heritage Palace Hotel Deogarh Mahal. This is a 300-year-old palace, which is now a luxury hotel. With these offerings, we are poised to redefine your travel experiences and make our clients’ dream come to past.
  • What if we say we create a hassle-free world through quality travel expertise in the most convenience of atmospheres, would you believe us? As they say, the taste of the eating is in the pudding. Try us today!

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Guaranteed Global best practices

We fall in line with global best practices and as such, we take our staff and guides training very seriously by providing high level and quality customer service with the help of at least four personnel working round the clock. Little wonder our online customer service reviews speak volume. However, if we renegade on our promise, you can be assured that there is a Money Back Guarantee in place.
We are located in India and are available to provide you with excellent service 24×7

No Shopping Policy

Gone are the days when you worry about stress, hassles and time-wasting that characterize guided shopping visits. You are guaranteed more time to visit important places with our No shopping Policy. This eliminates any inconvenience that could emanate between you and your tour guide, and you will only have nothing in your mind than to enjoy your holiday to the fullest.

We at Vacation India and our Itineraries have the perfect workable plan for your tour without any built-in souvenir shops, factory outlets, detours or any kind or commission earners.

If you wish to go shopping, it is a thing of joy for us as we take you to quality local shops where you’ll get mouthwatering bargains.

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Great Feedback from our happy customers

Are you still undecided about Vacation India? We understand how unpalatable your previous experiences have been in the past, but the good news is that we want to redefine those experiences. Some of our travelers that were skeptical about our services now have great stories to shares with you. You can check out their memorable trip reviews in India right here

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