Who are We

Vacation India, a wholly owned division of Classic Holidays (India) Pvt. Ltd. (established in February 2009) is an India-based travel management company.

We are expert in India travel, as we offer India tours.

We are, at Vacation India, a team of highly professional and experienced consultants specializing in travel to India. Our team is committed and passionate about making your trip the best ever. All of our consultants have extensive knowledge and experience to help you enjoy the vacation of your dreams. We will develop a personal comprehensive and easy to follow itinerary with all the details of your trip including tours, times, entertainment and more. Vacation India has offered services online for more than 8 years, backed by a fully serviced national travel agency that was in business since 2009.

Our Certifications and Accreditation

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Enhance your India Trip experience with us

No matter what you want to experience–from learning about heritage of Rajasthan, visiting the backwaters of Kerala, gawping at the magnificent Taj Mahal, hearing the roar of tigers in the Indian Jungles, relaxing on the beaches of India, marveling at the gigantic Himalayas or floating down the Ganges in Varanasi – we can make it happen!

Our tour programs are designed to be easy for the visitor to understand and schedule.

  • Each tour program is categorized according to the region of India, and the sights and adventures you will visit and experience in each part of India
  • All tour programs include explicit detail on the duration of your stay and sights offered as part of the individual program. This system allows the visitor to decide which tour of India he or she wants to book.

For the first time traveler in India, we recommend you choose either the North India Tour or South India Tour. Both will allow you to experience many of the wondrous sites and learn about the Indian culture in seven to ten days. Our tour programs are designed with detailed knowledge, so one should know clearly what he or she going to encounter during India Tour.

Why choose us? How do we make booking a tour to India fun and easy to understand?

No hidden costs: Our tour price clearly lists all inclusions and exclusions. All prices we quote are inclusive of all prevailing taxes in India. While India has become an expensive destination in South Asia, we offer you the best price for our tour programs. Not only will you have a memorable trip, but you’ll visit more sites and experience more getting the best possible value for your money. But don’t get us wrong! We never sell “cheap tours”. You will stay in the best hotels, have the best transportation, visit the best sites, and eat the best meals. For payment with credit card (we accept Visa and Master only), we charge 2% Bank charge.

Focus on private trips which enhances the joy of India travel

  • More time at the sights you visit
  • The guide and car will be exclusively yours
  • Services of our representatives at Airport and Railway Stations
  • Stay in the best hotels. Travel in the comfort of a private car that can easily travel through narrow village roads
  • Experience walks with a personal guide, visit the artisans. Feast on meals in local restaurants and enjoy train and rickshaw rides

Tailor-Made We offer exclusive, tailor-made tours, designed according to your wishes. Based on what you want to experience while in India, we will determine the route, plan your itinerary, and select the hotels – from simple to luxurious – you will stay in during your trip.

24 x 7 Support As we are based in India, we always stay in touch with our clients. Wherever you are traveling in India, we are aware of your itinerary, and are just a call away if you need us.

Tour Guides We offer the services of experienced guides, who have immense knowledge of the various locations and sights. They will guide you during every step of your tour, and can answer any questions whether it’s about a local monument to restaurants or shopping. We pay our guides and drivers a fair salary, unlike other companies, where they mostly depend on tips and commissions.

Transport When booking an India tour, people tend to focus only on guides, hotels, and itineraries. But we know that one of the top priorities is also transportation. From your first pick-up when you arrive in India, to traveling back and forth to the attractions and then to the point of departure to the airport, having a clean and comfortable vehicle as well as a friendly, helpful driver will enhance your visit. That is what Vacation India endeavors to do. Each of our vehicles has All India Tourist Permits. Our promise to you is that all of our vehicles are spacious enough for you and your luggage and well-equipped with comfortable seating and air-conditioning.

  • We reduce your walking distance by parking your vehicle as close as possible to your destination
  • Air-conditioning in the vehicle will be turned on beforehand by the driver especially in cold winters and hot summers
  • Two bottles of water per person will be served each day for your enjoyment
  • Safety and comfort are top priorities and all our vehicles are required to run within a speed limit
  • Drivers are punctual and careful, ensuring that your possessions are safe
  • Our helpful drivers will assist you in boarding, loading and unloading your luggage and will reduce your walking distance by parking the vehicle close by
  • We always use SUV (Toyota Innova or similar) for the whole tour, while most of the companies use small and mid size cars. In India you have to travel approx. 200 Km daily because of long distances. That’s why we strongly recommend only SUVs
  • Check our Tour reviews and see the positive feedback from our clients.

Shopping is not a must and you are not forced to do so. Do not worry about time-wasting detours and shopping areas; they can be removed before the start of the tour. If you want to shop, our guide and driver will accompany you to the local markets outside the tourist traps.

We Work Meticulously to Plan Your Trip!

We involve our time, money, experience and mind to satisfy you with the most memorable trip you will experience during your India travels. Most of the knowledge about India Tours such as Detailed Tour Programs, Wildlife parks of India, Themes of India Travel, UNESCO World Heritage Sites of India, can be gained through our website. All information contained in this website provides full details of each specific area and is regularly updated.

The volume of information on this website may be overwhelming to people without a good knowledge of India Travel. If you feel that there are too many options, we recommend that you go through different tour options at our website, or call us for advice and to help you with your India travel plans. Email: info@vacationindia.com

Feedback is Important to Us

It’s our constant endeavor to bring you a great experience on your visit to India. If there’s anything that you’d want us to add that will aid fellow travelers, please let us know. We’d also welcome any other feedback that you may have for us. We place such great importance on your feedback that we give you a discount on your subsequent travel to India through us. Send us your feedback at feedback@vacationindia.com

We’d Love to Share Your Photographs

To relive the memories of presenting our nation to you, we’d love some of your photographs that we can display on our website. This will serve as a memory-refresher both to you and us. Send us your pix at pix@vacationindia.com